2011 – LLC Dataline becomes the full member of Internet Association of Ukraine (InAU) and ECO - Association of the German Internet Industry. Within the ring backbone data network construction's framework the following administrative centers of Ukraine were covered: Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Lugansk, Lvov, Odessa, Simferopol and Kharkov. Company becomes a member of 2 largest Internet Exchange Points: Moscow Internet Exchange Point "MSK-IX" (city of Moscow) and German Internet Exchange Point "DE-CIX" (city of Frankfurt on the Main), expands the functioning inclusion into Ukrainian traffic exchange network "UA-IX" up to 20Gbit/s. At the end of 2011 the Company has successfully passed the routine inspection of the State Inspectorate of Communications of Ukraine with respect to the compliance with License provisions of Ukrainian RFR utilization and fixed local telephony services delivery.

2010 – LLC Dataline performs the interconnection with PJSC Ukrtelecom telephone network in Kiev, connection to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and starts the All-Ukrainian backbone data network construction. On tight schedule the communications centers were built and brought into commercial operation, as well as 10Gbit/s datalinks in Simferopol and Lugansk.

2009 - LLC Dataline obtained the License for fixed local telephony services delivery with network capacity of up to 10000 numbers with the right of telecommunication networks maintenance and operation and telecommunication channels provision for utilization within the territory of Kiev and Kiev region (series АВ No 421980 as of 24.01.2009), numbering resource and network signaling point code SKS-7. The Company becomes a member of RIPE NCC and acquires the Local Internet Registries status. The Company expands the functional connection to the Ukrainian traffic exchange network "UA-IX" up to 10Gbit/s.

2008 – Company becomes a Domain Names Registrar in UA area, SMB partner of Cisco Systems Company, obtains Licenses for Ukrainian radio frequency resource utilization in Kiev (series АВ No 364874 as of 27.06.2008) and Kiev region (series АВ No 364857 as of 25.06.2008).

2007 –DatalineTM trademark was registered. The Company becomes a part of Ukrainian traffic exchange network "UA-IX" participants (Kiev) and obtains the License of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction (series АВ No358636 as of 15.10.2007) for internal and external engineering networks and communications facilities design and installation.

2006 – Based on the decision of the National Commission for Communications Regulation of Ukraine No 384 as of 28.09.2006 the LLC Dataline was incorporated into the Telecommunications Carriers and Providers Registry.

2005 – is the year of Company's foundation.

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