To developers

In relation to developers and investors it is important to consider the telecommunications infrastructure deployment in a building under construction. Facility's value and attractiveness for lessees depend on telecommunications quality.

To create high level communication infrastructure and construct the so-called "intelligence building" the Dataline Company conducts a number of works consisting of pre-Project preparation, project management, consulting services, construction and installation activities performance, required equipment delivery and implemented solution maintenance.

Integrated telecommunications solutions:

  • One communication channel application for a number of services:

- Telephone communication

- Internet

- IP -TV

  • Buildings' engineering systems integration
  • Life-support, power supply and safety systems management

Benefits of Dataline communications utilization:

  • Optimization of investments into communication systems construction
  • Increase in facility's value and profitability
  • Mutually beneficial partnership with flexible terms of cooperation

To property owners

It is important for commercial and residential real estate property owners and company's managers to raise the potential lessees' interest to their facilities by means of providing advanced communications.

Telecommunications solutions on unique advanced building's informational structure creation:

Benefits of Dataline telecommunications application:

  • Optimization of investments into proper telecommunication infrastructure creation and maintenance
  • Active lessees' involvement through providing them with high-tech communications services
  • Safe and reliable communication commitment
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